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Why Sellers Love Auctions – Auctions beget Action

Property not getting the attention it deserves? Tired of waiting around for a Buyer? Not interested in another price reduction? The word “auction” has its origin from the Latin augere, “to increase.” The auction method of sales utilizes competitive bidding rather than setting a price ceiling, which often invites haggling. Auctions are simple and straight-forward. A date of sale is determined by the seller and auctioneer as well as the terms. Buyers perform inspections and due diligence in advance and sign non-contingent contracts, backed by non-refundable deposits. Closings and property transfer usually occurs within 30 days, at which point the seller recaptures capital from an asset and is free to move on to other business.


Real estate auctions have a history dating back to 500 BC. More recently, auctions have grown in popularity across the country, becoming recognized as a smart choice for marketing and selling real property. Below is a list of advantages real estate auctions offer sellers


So why sell at auction?
Top Ten Reason to Sell Real Estate at Auction:


1. Auctions Reduce the Holding Costs, Selling Costs and Maximize Returns

2. Auctions Allow Sellers to Accelerated Sales Process and Determine Sale Date

3. Auctions Drive the Price UP Rather than Bargaining Down

4. Auctions Creates Competition Amongst Bidders

5. Auctions Attract Qualified and Serious Buyers

6. Auctions Result in Non-Contingent Contracts with Non-Refundable Deposits

7. Auction Properties Transfer “As-Is, Where Is, with Any and All Faults”

8. Absolute Auctions Elevates Buyer Responsiveness

9. Reserve Auctions Provide Sellers with Price Protection

10. Auction Marketing is Aggressive and Generates Extreme Exposure


So why choose auction?  It’s the smartest, simplest choice to maximize your real estate and personal property assets.

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  1. You make a great point that auctions are straightforward and simple because a date is determined by the seller and the buyers perform inspections of the items. My parents are thinking of holding an auction because they are planning to move into a retirement home and it is great that the closing and property transfer usually happens in about 30 days. Also, I will be sure to tell my parents that auctions attract qualified and serious buyers as well as creating competition among the bidders.

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