The INs and OUTs of Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Auction Marketing – An Aggressive Marketing Splash

Real estate auction marketing is focused and aggressive. The Auctioneer’s goal is to achieve maximum exposure for the property during a very brief period. The purpose of Auctions and auction marketing is to attract highly qualified buyers and reach the highest price. Real estate auctions are said to define true market value.


What does Auction Marketing Entail?

Property Research and Positioning

Identifying Classes of Buyers for the Asset

Photography and Video Production

Content Creation – Descriptions and Aerials, Maps

Inbound and Traditional Marketing



Inbound (New Digital) Marketing – Leveraging Technology for Sellers

Keyword Research Search Engine Optimization Strategy Blogging Referral Linking Paid Social Media Advertising Online Video Promotion Email Campaign Targeted Online Advertising Property Listings Electronic Press Releases Online and Phone Bidding


Traditional (Old School) Advertising – Included with the Modern Methods

Newspaper Display Ads (Local, Regional & National) Newspaper Press Releases Full Color Brochures Custom Signs Telemarketing Comprehensive Property Info Package (PIP) Broker Incentive Program Property Showings

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